Welcome to my website!

This is my online scrap book, for years I have been clogging up my hard drive with all sorts of spreadsheets with various records of all shapes and sizes.

So I have decided to put them all together and produced three websites to make some sense of them all.

These are non profit making and if I have pinched anybodies photo and not put a credit I apologise, no offence or financial gain intended. It purely a hobby

These three sites contain stats from

  • Internationals (World Cups, European Championships & England International games) I may spread out to the rest of the world later
  • The top leagues in Europe and European Club competitions
  • Domestic leagues from Great Britain

It’s a long term project and if anyone wants to look around please feel free but at the moment its very sparse

Tournaments covered in these stats

1930 World Cup Uruguay
 1934 World Cup Italy
1938 World Cup France
1950 World Cup Brazil