1930 Uruguay

Previously a tournament had been held in the summer Olympics but in preliminary schedule for the 1932 games in Los Angeles football was dropped from the games. This was due to a disagreement over the amateur status of the players

At a meeting in Amsterdam in 1928 the FIFA congress decided to hold a tournament which would be open to all its members. Twelve months later in a meeting in Barcelona it was decided that the Olympic champions Uruguay would host the competition. They were world super power at the time and to celebrate 100 years of independence they were awarded the first ever World Cup. A golden trophy named “The goddess of victory” was commissioned from French sculptor Abel Lafleur

Thirteen nations took part (9 South America, 4 Europe) the home nations were banned because of a dispute with FIFA overpayments to amateur players. The rest of Europe was put off by the prospect of a three voyage to South America.

Lucien Laurent scored the first ever goal in the World Cup as France beat Mexico 4-1 in the opening match. In Frances next match the referee () blew the full time whistle six minutes early by mistake with Argentina winning 1-0. Some players were already in the bath and he made them return to the pitch to finish the game. Captain Jose Nazassi of the champions Uruguay received the trophy from FIFA president Jules Rimet the man who had the original idea for the competition.

In a pre match row over which ball should be used in the final it was agreed to use a different ball in each half of the final. It is rumoured that this is how the phrase “a game of two halves” evolved

Mt   Date Group 1       Att    
1 13 July France 4-1 Mexico 4,444 Estadio Pocitos Montevideo
5 15 July Argentina 1-0 France 23,409 Estadio Parque Central Montevideo
6 16 July Chile 3-0 Mexico 9,249 Estadio Parque Central Montevideo
10 19 July Argentina 6-3 Mexico 42,100 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
11 19 July Chile 1-0 France 2,000 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
15 22 July Argentina 3-1 Chile 41,459 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
    Group 2          
4 14 July Yugoslavia 2-1 Brazil 24059 Estadio Parque Central Montevideo
8 17 Jul Yugoslavia 4-0 Bolivia 18306 Estadio Parque Central Montevideo
13 20 July Brazil 4-0 Bolivia 24466 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
    Group 3          
  3 14 July Romania 3-1 Peru 2,549  Estadio Pocitos  Montevideo
  9 18 July Uruguay 1-0   Peru 57,735  Estadio Parque Central Montevideo 
14 21 July  Uruguay 4-0 Romania  70,022  Estadio Parque Central Montevideo 
    Group 4          
  2 13 July U.S.A  3-0  Belgium  18,346  Estadio Parque Central Montevideo
  7 17 July  U.S.A  3-0 Paraguay  18,306 Estadio Parque Central  Montevideo 
12 20 July Belgium 0-1 Paraguay 12,000 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
    Semi final          
16 26 July Argentina 6-1 U.S.A 72,886 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
17 27 July Uruguay 6-1 Yugoslavia 79,867 Estadio Centanario Montevideo
18 30 July Uruguay 4-2 Argentina 68,346 Estadio Centanario Montevideo

Leading Goal Scorers

1 Guillermo Stabile 8 Argentina
2 Pedro Cea 5 Uruguay
3 Bert Patenaude 4 U.S.A
4 Carlos Peucelle 3 Argentina
5 Preguinho 3 Brazil
6 Peregrino Anselmo 3 Uruguay
7 Ivan Beck 3 Yugoslavia
Uruguay 1930
Uruguay 1930

Tournament Referee's

 John Langenus  Berlgium 4
Almeida Rego Brazil 3
Anibal Tejada Uruguay 2
Jose Macias Argentina 2
Alberto Warken Chile 1
Domingo Lombardi Uruguay 1
Francisco Mateucci Uruguay 1
Henri Chrisophe Belgium 1
Ricardo Vallarino Uruguay 1
Thomas Balvay France 1
Ulises Saucedeo Bolivia 1